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You are in the Minority

Did you know that you are in the minority of wine drinkers?  The truth is, the majority of people who buy wine are thoroughly confused by the enormous number of wines available at the bottle shop and spend less than a minute choosing a bottle of wine.  Do they get satisfaction from that wine? - possibly temporarily, but it's probably not going to be very memorable.  In contrast, if you ask winemakers and wine professionals why they chose a career in wine, they usually cite THAT one bottle of wine (with a dreamy look in their eye) that was the start of the love affair.

Many people never get the chance to taste really great wine - and many may think that they simply don't care.  But oh, when that chance arrives, people who previously headed straight for the discount bins at the bottle-o suddenly find themselves showing a lot more interest.  It's not about being a wine  snob - more about recreating the pleasure of that moment again and again.  For example, we often meet people at wine shows who proclaim that they don't drink sweet wines when we offer them our Riesling to taste.  What a pleasure it is when we convince them to taste through the three styles of Bellarmine Riesling, and watch them discover that not only do they like Riesling after all, but that even the sweet style is unlike others they have tried. 

While they might be a minority, there are thousands of people like you having fun discovering wine, and enjoying great wine conversations online, at wine events and with the winemakers themselves.  And somewhere along the way, you just might find that one bottle that you never forget.



5 Conversation Starters about Wine

When we talk about wine we are often talking about what's inside the bottle.  But what about the bottle itself? Or the way that wine is tasted?  The wine world has a language all of its own, so here are five fun and interesting things you may not already know that will help to get any wine conversation started.

1. What is the name given to the indentation in the bottom of a wine bottle?  it's called the 'punt'.  It's mainly there as a nod to tradition, but its also a handy place to put your thumb if you pour wine by holding the base of the bottle (like the experts!).  

2. What is a Tastevin?  Next time you see a wine taster wearing what looks a bit like an oversized Olympic medal, you can be sure that is his or her Tastevin.  Better yet, pick one up on eBay and create a stir by insisting you try the wine in your Tastevin before ordering the whole bottle.  Not sure if that tip will make or lose friends for you, but I guarantee you will have some fun.

3. Which grape varieties are used to make Champagne?  It might surprise you to know that most Champagne is made from a blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay.  The reason a white wine can be made from mainly red grapes is because the grapes are pressed verrrry gently.  It's a tricky business, Champagne making, and well worth learning about.






Would you like to tick off all the grown-ups on your Christmas list right now?  We've made it possible by putting together a guide to wines for all sorts of personalities.  Find the right wines for your favourite people, and give your family and friends the gift of beautiful, single vineyard Australian wine this Christmas.

The Foodie

It's got to be the 2015 Half-Dry Riesling.  Just released, super food friendly and amazing with summery seafood barbecues, or fresh thai salads.  Summer in a bottle, and the lower alcohol allows those zingy lemongrass, lime and chilli flavours to shine.

The Adventurer

Always on the lookout for a new experience, this person will be thrilled to try the 2010 Bellarmine Petit Verdot - it's a lesser known red variety that dares to be bold and different.

The Connoisseur

Riesling is the wine that winemakers drink (so they say) and the Bellarmine Riesling Dry is a stand-out example of this variety.  This is a wine that achieves consistently high ratings year after year, and has a dedicated following of Riesling lovers who know the reward of cellaring a few bottles.  Give the 2016 vintage to the wine appreciator in your life, or ask us about our aged Rieslings.

The Info Geek

An information sponge who likes to share their knowledge, help them get on board the cool-climate trend - there is so much to discover about why cool climate is hot right now, including lighter, food-friendly styles of red such as the 2014 Bellarmine Shiraz.

The Sweetie

While sweet wines have a reputation for being old-fashioned, your granny is going to be blown away by the 2014 Bellarmine Riesling Select - with 3 Gold Medals and 96 points from James Halliday, why should grandma have all the fun?  Sneak a bottle for yourself too.

The Sophisticate

Word is that Rose is set to overtake Sauvignon Blanc as the most popular wine in Australia, so give a bottle of our 2016 Bellarmino Rose to your stylish friends and family - and photos with pink wine are very popular on social media right now!

The "I know what I like" Type

They know what they like, and what they like is Sauvignon Blanc thank you very much.  They probably even have their favourite brand and stick to it like glue.  Drag them ever so slightly out of their comfort zone and let them be pleasantly surprised when they find they love the 2015 Bellarmine Sauvignon Blanc.

So jump over to the Our Wines page and get your Christmas gifts sorted now.  And whoever you spend Christmas with, we hope you enjoy the pleasure of sharing good food and wine with the people you love.  Merry Christmas!