You are in the Minority

Did you know that you are in the minority of wine drinkers?  The truth is, the majority of people who buy wine are thoroughly confused by the enormous number of wines available at the bottle shop and spend less than a minute choosing a bottle of wine.  Do they get satisfaction from that wine? - possibly temporarily, but it's probably not going to be very memorable.  In contrast, if you ask winemakers and wine professionals why they chose a career in wine, they usually cite THAT one bottle of wine (with a dreamy look in their eye) that was the start of the love affair.

Many people never get the chance to taste really great wine - and many may think that they simply don't care.  But oh, when that chance arrives, people who previously headed straight for the discount bins at the bottle-o suddenly find themselves showing a lot more interest.  It's not about being a wine  snob - more about recreating the pleasure of that moment again and again.  For example, we often meet people at wine shows who proclaim that they don't drink sweet wines when we offer them our Riesling to taste.  What a pleasure it is when we convince them to taste through the three styles of Bellarmine Riesling, and watch them discover that not only do they like Riesling after all, but that even the sweet style is unlike others they have tried. 

While they might be a minority, there are thousands of people like you having fun discovering wine, and enjoying great wine conversations online, at wine events and with the winemakers themselves.  And somewhere along the way, you just might find that one bottle that you never forget.