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Batavia Mixed Half Dozen


In 2018, Bellarmine Wines presented the "Batavia Award for Student Research in WA Maritime and Coastal Archaeology" to a student at the University of Western Australia to help further their research, uncovering stories from the past, and investing in the future. 

To continue to support Archaeology education and research at UWA we are offering the Bellarmine Batavia half-dozen.  When you purchase the half-dozen, you save $20 on RRP, and $20 from every sale is donated to Archaeology at UWA, helping to uncover stories of WAs past.


In 1629, the Dutch East India Company ship 'Batavia' hit a reef near the Houtman Abrolhos Islands off the coast of Western Australia.  Almost all of the passengers and crew made it to nearby islands, but there was a terrible mutiny and a small group seized control and massacred many of the other survivors.  Eventually, the mutineers were captured, tried, and hung on Seal's Island. Over 300 years later, the wreck of the Batavia was discovered, including fragments of Bellarmine jugs made in Europe to hold wine in the 16th century. In 2015, a group including researchers from the University of Western Australia made significant new discoveries of graves and artefacts from the wreck of Batavia, helping to further our knowledge of WA's history. We are proud to support further education and research through sales of our Batavia wine.


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6 bottle half-carton