Our Story

In the early 1990s, German doctor and keen wine collector Willi Schumacher, and his wife Gudrun, started searching for a place in the world where extraordinary wines could be produced.  Willi, who also has a strong interest in geology, was looking for a place with the right kind of environment to give the wines the unique expression of terroir that he envisaged.  Their search led them to the beautiful region of Pemberton in the south-west of Australia, not far from the well-known Margaret River region.  The Schumachers purchased a magnificent 220 hectare property bordering the Lefroy River, and named it 'Bellarmine' after a type of stoneware wine jug first produced in the 16th century in Germany.  

The Bellarmine Vineyard was established in 2000, with just over 44,000 vines planted across 20 hectares. Some varieties planted were already familiar to the Pemberton region including Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.   A pioneering crop of Riesling was also planted, along with Shiraz and Petit Verdot, a very old grape variety that originated in Bordeaux. 

Since the first vintage in 2004 our wines have been consistently rated highly, receiving many awards and accolades.  Bellarmine Wines has been rated a "red 5 star" winery (i.e. best of the best) by James Halliday and features in his "Top 100 Wineries 2015".