Pemberton Wine Region

Dr John Gladstones, a researcher from the University of Western Australia, first recommended Pemberton as a wine-grape growing area in 1977.  The same Dr Gladstones had previously realised the potential for viticulture in the Margaret River region in the 1960s.  The first commercial vineyard was established in 1982, and Pemberton became a gazetted wine region in 2006.  The deep loamy soils, elevation, and relatively high rainfall are ideal for grape growing, and varieties most commonly grown in the region include Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Merlot and Shiraz, along with less well known varieties such as Petit Verdot. 

These days Pemberton has firmly established its reputation as a region producing premium quality grapes.  In addition, Pemberton is emerging as one of Western Australia's gourmet regions as visitors discover the unique diversity of food and wine available.  Pemberton has long been one of the jewels of West Australian tourism, attracting visitors to its national parks of towering karri forests, wild rivers and waterfalls and picturesque farmland.  Now the visitor can discover one of the many cellar doors in the area and chat with the people who make the wine, enjoy a fine dining experience made with local produce, join a truffle hunt, tour an organic farm or buy fresh produce direct from the farm gate. 

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The Pemberton wine region lies within the Southern Forests region, and Bellarmine Wines is a member of the Southern Forests Food Council.  See the website for more information: